Saturday, August 15, 2009

Staycation Highlights

{Yuriko Sensei's rare smile was a surprise when I saw this pic.}
Wearing yukata (summer kimono) at amusement/theme parks is normal practice during summer. It was a fun experience when we spent Friday evening in the park to watch fireworks and just hang out. While we had to follow school rules, it sure was a lot more relaxed since we were on staycation. Food was still delicious and I enjoyed helping out at the kitchen. As always, miso soup, tea, and pickled veggies were always served with our meals. Love Love Love Japanese homecooking. :D

The school principal treated us to lunch at an eat-all-you-can yakiniku place. Check out my eats. I started with sushi, asparagus, pineapple, pasta salad, brocolli, and peaches.
{Salad and Sushi}
While the principal grilled beef, I used my grill space for satsuma imo (sweet potatoes), kabocha, and squid steak. I think I amused him when I also threw in some of the peaches and pineapple in the grill. :P
{Lower Half of the Grill: Kabocha, SweetPs, Squid Steak, PApple, Peaches}
Second tray. Grapefruit, orange, onion, and more kabocha. A scoop each of chocolate and matcha ice cream. There were tons of flavors to choose from but I had my heart on these two flavas from the very start. :D A bowl of cold udon on shiso flavored sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds. Last saucer contains a takoyaki, slice of omelette, and nimono (stewed carrots, renkon, and daikon).
{MORE Kabocha, Fruits, Choc&Matcha Ice Cream, Udon, Takoyaki, Omu, Nimono}
We chose half of the pastry selection for sharing. Here are my six bites of sweet heaven: plain cheesecake, strawberry cc, mango cc, chocolate cake, angel cake, and strawberry shortcake. PLUS, edamame! :D
{Cake and Edamame}
Do you think I overindulged? Personally, I think I handled this buffet well. I skipped the fried rice, curries, fried potatoes, fried chicken, yakisoba, spaghetti, salad dressings, and a lot of the high calorie items. While everybody else grilled meat, I was very much satisfied and comfortable grilling my kabocha and onions. My fave pick for this buffet was the chilled asparagus. The last buffet I went to, my fave was wakame salad in ponzu sauce. Haha. :D It must be the heat.

How do you handle buffets? Do you choose your fave dishes or do you like getting a bite of everything? If I had it my way, I wouldn't go to an eat-all-you-can restaurant. For me, the amount of available food choices is just not normal. One needs to exert more restraint compared to when one simply orders what s/he wants from a menu.


  1. Everything looks delicious and sounds like fun! :D

    I enjoy the occasional buffet, but I rarely get my "money's worth" as I like to say. It's definitely fun once in a while though. :D

  2. Looks delicious and sounds like you did a pretty good job on the eating front!

  3. AAAHHH!!! I LOVE takoyaki!! Your buffet made my tummy so hungry!

  4. I don't like all-you-can-eat places...the food quality just lacks, and I'd rather have more quality over quantity!
    But grilling those sweet potatoe and kabocha and peaches are a GENIUS idea!

  5. That sounds lovely! And as though you handled it very well.

    I had a seafood salad yesterday- assorted sashimi on greens. My first time ever having sashimi (instead of the usual sushi rolls I get), and it was delicious! I loved it.

    - Sagan

  6. awesome! that looks so yummy! I love this kind of food... Japanese cuisine is absolutely some of my fave.

  7. I love the edamame and cake combo,haha!

    Also, I'm giving away a SpiBelt (running belt with pouch) on my new blog (moved from blogspot to, if you are interested! :) Works GREAT for long runs!!

  8. That food all looks amazing - you did a great job! I have trouble showing restraint at all-you-can-eat places so I tend to avoid them!

  9. what a wonderful experience. :) i don't think you overdid it at all - especially considering all the miles you run! it depends on the buffet - usually i just take what i like, but if everything looks amazing i like to get small tastes of everything. i guess i try to trust my instincts in the moment!

  10. Buffets probably do cause me to eat more due to variety than I would simply ordering from a menu. Case in point is navigating through the Whole Foods buffet. I did get better though by only choosing foods that I know I'll be happy about after I eat them (ex, avoid fried rice, like you did, because I'll feel yuck after).

    What does matcha ice cream taste like?

    And I agree with Leslie-- wonderful experience, would be a once in a lifetime for me

  11. I absolutely abhor buffets as I tend to overeat. I'd just rather get a dish. However, your buffet options are so healthy compared to the foods you typically find in an American buffet, ie roast meat, potato salad, mac n cheese, iceberg lettuce, etc.

    The kimonos are very lovely. It looked like a fun night out.

  12. Love the staycation!!

    And, love the kimonos.

    I think it is difficult not to overindulge at least a bit at buffets- but I just try to handle them as if it were any normal meal- I try to put the same amount on my plate that I normally would...not always easy though.

  13. i want to come visit you! japan has always been on my list of places to go...

    that buffet looks good, i think you did a fine job! lots of fruits and veggies. quite frankly, i don't think anybody needs to worry about having too many of those!

    glad you enjoyed your staycation dear!

  14. I like getting a taste of everything. The only thing I dislike about buffets is the feeling that you should eat your money's worth. I hate feeling like I should eat more simply because I 'paid' for it, you know? I do like being able to try a variety of things though.