Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Half Marathon Training: Go!

Forgive the nerdy runner in me but I thought I should post how my training is going. Not only will it serve as a monitoring tool for my progress (regress?) but hopefully will also make me accountable to you all. :P Plus, some tips and comments are most welcome.

Here's how Week01 went:
{HMT Week01}
Along with that spreadsheet, I also posted my weekly run calendar in my wall. Crossing each day's workout with my pink highlighter gives me much satisfaction, yeah! I may be guilty of over-analyzing but I write more details there such as: running shoes used, with or w/o music, suspected cause of tummy trouble, etc. Last week's runs were all sans music while this week I'll be strapping the shuffle. Do you run faster with or without music?

Another thing that I observed was that my legs hurt more when I'm walking or standing. During the two non-running days, I felt tightness on my legs when we went walking and shopping. These two days were after four running days so maybe that's the reason. My weekly run plan is supposed to follow a 3(day)run-1rest-2run-1nonrun pattern but I had to adjust. Another possible culprit is that I haven't iced my knees/shins after any of the runs last week. Hopefully, Week02 won't be as busy so I can stick with the 3-1-2-1 pattern. Also, I shall make it a point to ice after every run this week.

The past week was abnormally hectic and I had to say no to half of the social activities. I feel a bit guilty not hanging out with friends more and choosing to run. But it would be worse if I went but my mind was lost in thoughts such as: "By this time, I would have been at mile02/at the last mile/stretching/etc." Yeah, I love running. :D I'd say this week was balanced - went on staycation, had great times with friends, and still managed to cross HMTraining Week01 with a big pink DONE! Happy running!

Update: Karena has a giveaway to celebrate her 100th blog post! She's giving away items every runner would want - socks, gels, Luna Moons, headphones, and Nuun. Go!


  1. thats so exciting! I can't wait to read all about your training adventures :)

  2. When I was training for my first half-marathon I posted the schedule on the fridge and crossed out each week with a big pink highligher too!! Haha!

  3. Very exciting!

    I don't listen to music because my earphones always fall out. But if it's good fast-paced music like the Arctic Monkeys, then I always run really well (the times when I've been able to run with music).

    - Sagan

  4. woohoo good luck training! hopefully your legs stop being so tight and sore. just remember those rest days are ultra important for the muscles to repair!

  5. What marathon are you doing, by the way!
    And good luck with training-its so exciting to start, and be able to cross off those runs!

  6. I love crossing workouts and runs off my training schedule too! Such a good countdown and way to keep accountable! The geek in me also loves your "Plan/Actual/Comments" table!

  7. Don't you just love highlighting things out?? It always makes me feel so productive and happy. :D

    That's such an organized training plan...love it!! Best of luck with the training! You'll do great! :D

  8. friends and running is often hard, especially when they overlap. just make whatever YOU want a priority but don't be afraid to skip now and again if you want :)


  9. Wow you are organized! Usually I like to analyze stuff too, but for some reason not with running. I do like your idea of putting the calendar on the wall.