Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back To School Staycation

Before starting work at a Japanese company, I took Nihongo and Japanese culture classes at an international school for 3 months. Living at the dorm, I had to comply with strict rules and schedules. We woke up before 6am, cleaned, exercised, then had breakfast at 7. We had classes the entire day with an hour break for lunch. Dinner was served at granny o'clock (6pm), bath at 7, and lights out by 10. Another rule that I found shocking there was that students weren't aloud to eat while walking in campus!

Being invited to stay at the school for four days at Week01 of my HMTraining, I immediately made adjustments with my run sked. I can still fit in runs for Days 1 (before I leave) and 4 (when I get back). For the two full days that I'm at the school, adjustments are necessary. I'm not sure about the activities planned for this staycation. I don't have as much freedom with time though, that's for sure.
I'm looking forward to homecooked Japanese meals, though! :D A fun thing about the school is that we get to help with the food preparation, table setting, and cleaning.

I have already found a route for a short 3 miler. The problem would be if I can find the time to sneak in even a short run. If this was a regular vacation, that wouldn't be a problem at all. Like I said earlier, the school HAS RULES and I just have to find a way to bend them. :P

{Lake Run (I hope!)}
If I can't squeeze a run in those two days, I still have my Rest Day card for the week and power yoga instead. The TV room was always empty when I was there so hopefully I'll be able to use that as my personal yoga room. :)

What would you do if you had a couple extra hours added to your day? I'd choose to sleep or to run. Dear runners, how do you keep with your training schedule while on vacation? Happy Hump Day y'all! :D


  1. 2 things I can recommend if you are trying to fit in a long run whilie on vacay:

    - Go on the internet to try to find a running group in the town you will be in; it may help to call a local running store to ask them for suggestions. I've found that runners are very friendly people and are always willing to have a stranger join them for a long run!
    - If you can't find someone to run with or don't have a long enough loop, break your run into pieces. Studies have shown it's just as beneficial to run 5 miles in the AM and 5 in the PM, versus running 10 straight.

    Happy running! :)

  2. Wow! Those are some intense rules!! Good luck fitting your runs in, I'm sure you'll be able to do it :-)

  3. So Val's ideas are probably whats up, but my advice is to wake up early! And do a lot of tempo runs, so you'll finish up in a shorter amount of time.
    Wow, though, I have to say that that is a VERY strict schedule you're going to be in! Have fun :)

  4. that is one strict schedule (although that's relatively normal in japan, no?). it's nice that you were invited back though. :) enjoy the staycation!

  5. Whew...that's quite the schedule! Sounds like you have some good running plans lined up though. :D

    If I had a couple more hours added to my day, I think I would bake to my hearts content and find people to feed it all to...ha! Seriously, I haven't baked in forever but I do love it. Which reminds me that I should carve in some time to bake this weekend. :D

  6. Wow, thats a crazy schedule- but it definitely sounds interesting and I LOVE Japanese food!

  7. Yikes, those ARE rules!

    I'd exercise, read or write with extra time.

    And I get out of the problem of running on vacation by not having a training schedule ;)

    - Sagan

  8. Ack, sorry, I hate rules! I'm so not someone to go by strict rules!
    With 2 more hours, I'll be running too, but not sleeping at all...maybe blogging or reading more :)

  9. haha I just happened to write a post about running while on vacation! Only mine was focused on how to leave the group without pissing them off.

    I'd say wake up early so that it doesn't cut into your day, scope out areas that seem safe to run through while your wondering around- especially note area where you see others running because that's a good bet. I wouldn't run at night in a new place incase you get lost.. and always run with your keys and a phone on you!! Stick your cell in your bra if you need to-- you don't want to be stranded. Road ID would also be a good idea! Have your name and info somewhere on you incase something happens.

    That ended up being a mouthful, huh? Good luck :) and have fun!

  10. Enjoy your new route. Sometimes, discovering and looking at new surroundings is more fun than the actual run.

  11. I would definitely be sleeping or reading. I don't read much anymore--since blogging! And I never read (for pleasure) during school. Too many other textbook pages on the priority list.

  12. Those are some strict rules! Good luck making it all work out for you.

  13. Two extra hours would be pure heaven. I have just been complaining this week that there aren't enough hours in the day! haha. I would probably go see friends that I am too tired to see during the week or I would bake to my heart's content.

  14. Look at you getting all into running! I'm so excited for you and your half!! Too funny, I was just wondering about how to squeeze my 18 miler in the weekend we're away. Sometimes I think you just need to shuffle things around ;)