Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Snacking Around The World

Although I don't eat cereals often, the fun packaging got me. So, I sampled cereals from Lithuania! Their website states: "In exhibition World Food Ukraine in Kiev, our best products Cinamoni and Nuttys won Grand Prix and Golden Medal in tasting contest." Looks like the ones available at my favorite imported grocery shop are winners! I like how the cereals were not overly sweet. Yum. What's your fave cereal?

Next up, caramelized biscuits from Belgium. These were perfect match with tea as I read on a rainy afternoon. A bit dry and crumbly, I did not mind dunking them in the tea.

Where do your bananas come from? The ones here are from the Philippines. Ever since reading about Gena's Banana Soft Serve last month, I've been making and having some. I had it plain, with cinnamon, and with dark chocolate. It's simply the best. Today, I had some topped with black sesame. The toasty seeds gave the creamy bananas a bit of crunch action, not that it needed that.

{Kitty Jiggles in Approval!}

While it is best to purchase local, I am guilty of buying imported food. My reason could be as silly as cute packaging, or the excitement of trying something foreign, or that there simply are no bananas in Japan. Do you buy at imported food shops? It's like taking a foodie trip around the world, right?


  1. I've never seen those cereals before but I love the packaging! I usually buy Kashi Heart to Heart or Kashi Go Lean because they keep me nice and full! ha...I also like Wheetabix sometimes, because they're fun to spread with peanut butter or dunk in yogurt.

    Although anything with cinnamon or honey is a treat for my tastebuds. :)

    I love the cup you put the banana softserve in! Very cute! :)

  2. fun products! i totally agree with that last statement. i like to buy my produce local as much as i can, but there are some products that you have to buy imported. and i think that can be fun as well - it's like being part of a global foodie community. :)

  3. my favorite cereal would have to be kashi H2H Warm Cinnamon :)

    ohh those products sound delicious!

  4. I do try to buy local as much as possible - I buy my milk, eggs and produce local. Meat when I can. BUT I also buy import on a regular basis, too! Especially chocolate!! Yum :-)

  5. Mmmmm yummy. I try to buy local but I get SO MUCH of my food imported. There's a lot of fruit that I adore that just isn't grown around here. Sighs. I need to move somewhere else :)

    - Sagan

  6. oh man, I really miss all the cute little import shops in Tokyo! You can find such cute and bizarre snack foods at Sony Plaza and such. Right now, here in CA, I try to eat local produce, cause it tastes good, and is good for the farmer and the earth. But Lithuanian snacks are so cool! :)
    Loving that cat mug!

  7. Being Korean, I definitely buy important foods from my Asian grocery store here! Can't live without our chili pepper paste and miso and seaweed!
    Fav cereal: Puffins and Reeses!

  8. LOVE IT!!

    I love imported candies and cool!

  9. mmm favorite cereal. It MIGHT be too hard to pick since I am a fickle lady and change my fave often! Currently: Kashi Go Lean Crunch, and Cheerios (with banana=a must).