Monday, July 6, 2009

Cool Knees and Hot Tennis

We obviously don't celebrate 4th of July here but reading how each of you spent the weekend was such a thrill. Every post looked so much fun and I could almost taste the yummy food you all had. Haha!

The past few days, I've been bothered by my slow mile pace compared to those that I see on other blogs. So I pushed myself at one of my runs last week and my knees kind of hurt a bit after. My knees which were promptly iced (thus the first half of the post title) are okay now. It was my body's way of telling me that the knees are not ready for heavy pounding yet. Reading about how injured runners feel so bad about not running for weeks scared me and made me realize that there is no need for me to rush. I'm still a newbie runner (just into my 2nd month) and there is no need to be speedy at this point yet, right? I'd like to run for as long as I can, pain free, and enjoy the entire process.

Another sport that I have tons of fun playing is tennis. I've been playing (non-competitive) since I was 10 and still play whenever I can. It's a sport I love and enjoy so much that I could play for hours and not get tired at all. My goal is to put running in the same level as tennis: an activity I am comfortable with and enjoy doing anytime. So for me to reach that, I'll have to stop worrying about mile pace (at least for now?) and relax.

{This girl does not need to rush. :P}

Speaking of tennis, have you seen the Wimbledon Finals? OMG, it was totally worth it staying up late (match ended 2:45AM Japan Time) to watch Roger Federer win another Grand Slam and break tennis records. It could have gone either way as Andy Roddick was playing so well, too. Thank goodness, it was Roger's day. I was sooo tense and sleepy at the same time; I had to do some stretches/stand/snack on peanuts while restraining myself from making too loud cheers (or I might wake people next door) to get through 4+ hours of intense tennis. Woot woot! :D Roger's skill and composure is undeniably the best but I'd also like to point out how his being injury-free throughout the years being an important factor in his superb tennis career. Sure, he is certainly surrounded by the best trainers, doctors, and advisers to keep him in top shape. I'd like to believe though that he listens to his body really well and treats it the best he can thus maintaining top form without suffering any major injuries, right? :P

What sport do you play? Do you like playing/watching tennis? Any favorite sports stars?


  1. I used to play tennis *all* the time, but haven't played in forever. It's one of those sports that I could have played all day too much fun! :D

    Definitely don't feel the need to push fast with running! I remember when I very first started, I always felt so down because my running pace was sooo slow. It finally ocurred to me this year (it takes me a little while ;) ) that I'm okay with that. Running is just such an enjoyment and stress releaser for me, and I wasn't having much fun when I started running faster. Of course some people *love* running fast, so its whatever you find yourself most enjoying. :)

  2. Oh I LOVE your slippers and your attitude towards running as long and healthily as possible!

    I played volleyball in college, I ran track in college, I was a cheerleader in college and then joined the dance team as well! I have always been an "athlete" but never really let one thing be my favorite. I never understood tennis but I have loved watching it on TV!

  3. I play no sports b/c I have NO athletic ability. I wish I did. BUT I do dance and have my whole life--that is a "sport" but not a contact one. haha

  4. Cute slippers!

    Right now I'm playing soccer (rec league). I'm not that great, but it's loads of fun!

    - Sagan

  5. Ahh! I love playing tennis! My favorite sound ever is the ball hitting the sweet spot on the racket! I played for 3 years in high school but was never really really good...I do love my backhand though :) Aww, I wish you lived here so we could run and play tennis! haha.

    Good call on easing up on the runs. Way to listen to the knees!!

  6. your slippers have to be the cutest in the world!!

  7. I'm so glad you listened to your body! I wasn't as smart as you...I overdid myself and I couldn't walk for a whole month after!
    Ok, hyperventilation over. I actually don't like ANY sports...esp those with a ball. I just like running and walking and hiking, things that don't require rules and equipment...

  8. Oh wow, it is tough seeing other people's mile paces, but please try and ignore them!! Have you trained with a heart rate monitor before? They really are eye-opening, most people are doing a much tougher run than they think! I can recommend listening to running podcasts such as "running with the pack" as they often chat about going at your own pace. There will always be people faster and slower than you. Plus, you can always ask other bloggers how they got to that pace.

  9. Don't feel bad about your pace!!! I know how you feel though.. I am the only "experienced" marathoner in my pace group for the marathon this year, and for a half second I felt bad about it, and then realized that is sooo silly. For one, I can run faster for short distances, I am just slowing it down for my slower distances.. and second of all, I should measure myself again MYSELF and not against others. I am just happy your running is going so well! :) Plus, you will always improve with time and experience!

  10. I'm glad you commented on my blog so that I could find yours! Thanks for the comment on my "crazy bowels" - you are so right that we all have different needs and it's so important to remember that. Just like I can't always eat what I wish or follow the diets that some do, sport is not for everyone :) and not everyone can bust out an 8 minute mile!