Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Walk In The Clouds

The positive feedback I received the past days from different bloggers made me very happy today. Thanks guys! As I continue with this blogging thing, I guess I have to let you know more a bit about me. :)

I am from the Philippines but am currently working in the IT field (programming) in a small city in Japan. Have you ever heard of my country before? Monique Lhuillier was born in the Philippines although her heritage is a mix of French, Spanish, and Filipino. She's the first person I could think of that I'm sure you guys would know. Also, we have great beaches and the sweetest mangoes.

It has almost been a year and a half since I moved to Japan. One of the things I really wanted to do here (aside from eating yummy Japanese food :P) was to climb Mt. Fuji. So one weekend last summer, we decided on climbing Japan's highest mountain (3,776 meters). Our group of four started our hike at around 7pm after we had dinner and shared bites of this yummy Mt. Fuji-shaped pastry.

{Mountain of Yum}

We hiked at a steady pace all night. Although the climb was generally manageable, the cold temperature added a bit of challenge for me. Night climb is popular during the summer months because it offers climbers a view of the famed Mt. Fuji sunrise at the peak. People would position themselves as they pleased and marveled as the sun glowed brighter.

{Watching Sunrise}

The peak was very crowded with climbers from around the world and all over Japan. There were families, friends, couples, tour groups, and solo climbers. The toddlers and the older climbers were the ones I was really impressed with. Aside from the usual souveneir and ramen shops, there were also vending machines and a post office (where one can mail a special Mt. Fuji postcard) at the peak! After resting a while and grabing a bite, we started with our descent. The view going down was unbelievable; the clouds were below us!

{Oh Happy Clouds!}

It was an amazing once in a lifetime experience, one where my mental and physical strength was tested. I am sure that with regular training and patience, running will also turn out to be as awesome. Is there anything you would like to experience at least once? Given the chance, I would not think twice about trying bungee jumping. Also, a hot air balloon ride would probably be the closest thing to taking a walk in the clouds. :P



  1. I only recently found out she's filipino while I was reading an issue of bon appetit! pretty cool :)

    I'm filipino as well (though born and raised in the states)...unfortunately I've never been to the philippines :( :( My bf and I werethisclose to piggybacking on a trip my parents made last christmas and it all fell through. I want to go SO BADLY!!!! I'd love to hear more about/see photos of the Philippines AND your new (a yr and a half is still new) home!

  2. Incredible photos! I only got to the first level when I climbed...I was with a bunch of 4th grade campers though. Good for you!

  3. oops my comment didnt post the first time. I loved seeing the pix and reading your post today!!!

    also, I am STILL having trouble with pix within text, it still wont work. and I am trying to figure out links, like how to make a single word be a link, such as to go back to a future posting. did you find any good websites or anything to help you with this, or are you just better than I am? ;)

  4. Beautiful photos! Wow, I am in awe!!

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am following you now :)
    I love your pictures- gorgeous.
    And in response to your post below, I definitely think you should not break up with walking yet :) Definitely go for walks on rest days!

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog - I too will be following yours. I'm fascinated by your adventures in Japan, somewhere I'd like to visit one day.

    How skilled do you have to be to climb Mt Fuji? You mentioned there were toddlers on the trail?

  7. GORGEOUS pictures! omg...you must be so strong to climb Mt Fuji, you're my hero now. I'd happily go bungee jumping with you, though I'll probably puke my guts out afterwards. lol.

  8. Karena: Awww sorry about not being able to visit. Maybe next time! :D

    iowagirleats: Thanks! At least you were able to see the Mt. Fuji and the rest of Japan.

    Val: There's so much to learn in blogging, no? :)

    simplyfabulousnow: Thanks! My pictures are nothing without Photoshop. :P

    Kelly: It was nice of you to drop by, thanks! Thanks for the tip on walking, too.

    Linda: Thanks! It would be great if you could visit Japan.
    Except at some rather steep and rocky points, the climb does not pose any major difficulties regarding climbing skills. Some climbers may also experience altitude sickness.

    burpandslurp: Thanks! Climbing Mt. Fuji is not really that difficult; I bet you could do it yourself! :D