Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seven Traits

Being a newbie blogger, I was excited when I got my first tag from Kelly. It's called Seven Traits and here are mine:

1(一) I am super family oriented. Just like any other Filipino families, ours is very close. My family is BIG (parents, 2 brothers, 4 sisters, and 4 dogs!) and I always have been a Daddy's Girl. We do everything together and hang out as friends. Living away from them is tough but I manage.

2(二)I love planning, scheduling, and making lists. It could all be in my mind (when running), in a Notepad/Excel file, or in my trusty notebook. It could be a simple grocery list or a general plan for the coming months.

3(三) Patience is not my strong point. I hate waiting. Waiting for people, waiting for a red light to turn green, waiting for results (increase running speed), etc. When meeting people, I make sure to arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled meet time because I don't want to make people wait. Being patient is one trait I am working on each day.

4(四) Anything new excites me. If there's a new product or idea, I 'd like to know more about it. If it's interesting enough, I'd read more about it and would even give it a try. Running is still new to me but boy am I glad I tried it!

5(五) I'll have to admit that I'm practical. Buying expensive items without researching or reading a review about it is not something I'd readily do. I like getting value for my money. Having said that, I would gladly pay for really good food or travel.

6(六) Learning is something I'll probably never get tired of. After graduating with a degree in Engineering, I took up a yearlong program in IT. I also studied Japanese. But I feel like I'm not done yet. Graduate school maybe? Must be in the genes as 5 of the 9 people in the family are lawyers, another one in law school, one just finished med school, and the youngest also considering law school. Yikes!

7(七) Being a Libran, I'd like to believe I am balanced. Ha! :P Black or white? Gray. Blue or green? Both. Last night's dinner? Beans on toast plus banana and dark chocolate for dessert. Living a balanced life is a daily goal that I may not achieve everyday but definitely worth giving a shot.

{Balance - it's all we want in life, right?}

The weird figures (which I hope show in your computer) are the number's Kanji. Use them to impress your friends! Haha. I'm passing this to anybody who feels like doing it. I'd be glad to read about your interesting traits.


  1. wow, that's a beautiful pic!
    I'm also like you. I can never get tired of learning...which is why I just wanna stay in college for the rest of my life!

  2. I love planning and scheduling too. I love your Kanji numbers, thats so cool!

  3. mia, are we the same person? :) i could have written almost all of that, especially the parts about family, balanced living, learning and spending money on food and travel. so important to me too!

  4. I love your list! I was nodding my head all the way through so I think we share some traits!! Making lists (esp while running!), organizing and trying new things. I love the list idea!

  5. Interesting list! I'm also a planner and LOVE learning :-)

  6. LAUGHING at the last one because I too am a Libran and I am absolutely the same way. Perhaps its our Libra-ness that's the reason why I'm pretty much identical to you with all the rest too (except for the patience; I'm usually a fairly patient person). Fun to learn more about you!

    - Sagan

  7. Aww it was nice to learn more about ya! Fun posting. I too LOVE lists and I am one of those people where if you stole my planner I could collapse to pieces/melt like the wicked witch of the west!

  8. i love my family too!!
    I think its great that you never get tired of learning new things!

  9. Such a fun post!

    I'm definitely a family girl too...and I found myself agreeing with some of your others too. Especially the patience thing. I have a ways to go in learning patience, thats for sure. ;)

  10. It's funny, I'm the exact opposite with lists (unless I'm at work). A weekend list of things to do makes me feel weighed down and still "working" rather than enjoying my free time.

    Although I'm sure it would keep me more productive! :)